Magnuson – Heartbeat 2300 Kit VE

//Magnuson – Heartbeat 2300 Kit VE
Magnuson – Heartbeat 2300 Kit VE 2016-12-01T17:15:25+10:00

The launch of Magnuson Products long awaited radically improved positive displacement Front Drive Front Entry supercharger is now available!


  • Manufactured by Magnuson Products in the USA
  • Complete Kit Includes Water to Air Intercooler with high flow heat exchanger
  • Eaton’s latest supercharger design. Twin Vortices (TVS), Four Lobe Rotor Supercharger. Quieter and more efficient than previous designs
  • Positive displacement supercharger for increased low down power and torque
  • Runs inline with the factory belt system
  • Self contained lubrication for quick and easy installation
  • Supercharger driven by a shaft which runs outside of the supercharger for a more direct air path. The shaft is also mounted high on the supercharger for superior belt wrap
  • No cutting of vehicle required
  • Optional 8 rip pully system with Overdrive crank pully (higher boost output)

Product Description:

Following more than 18 months of planning by a design team drawing on over 70 years experience in airflow technology, the long awaited Magnuson Heartbeat 2300 supercharger is now available for purchase!

Over and above the enhanced efficiency of Front Drive Front Entry superchargers, the Magnuson Heartbeat reaches for the efficiency ceiling thanks to design encompassing a very large flow analysed intake infused with extremely efficient port timing, and a unique drive coupling that virtually eliminates airflow restriction. Significantly, Heartbeat also achieves industry leading intake temperature control thanks to intercooler technology by PWR Performance Products.

Magnuson Superchargers Australia (MSA), Magnuson Products’ Australian licensee, is responsible for design and manufacture of all fitting kit components including intercooler, intake, pump, brackets, hoses, lines, belts, and connectors, and has worked extensively with the highly accredited PWR Performance team of engineers in developing intercooler components that are truly state-of-the-art.

PWR is recognised the world over as leaders in intercooler design having achieved spectacular results in V8 Supercar, NASCAR, WRC and F1; hence the decision that they would be MSA’s exclusive supplier.


Vehicle Application Guide:

  • Suitable for all VE V8 Commodores inc’ HSV
  • Images are for illustration purposes only
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