Powerbond Underdrive Balancer VE

//Powerbond Underdrive Balancer VE
Powerbond Underdrive Balancer VE 2016-12-01T17:15:24+10:00


  • Approx 9 Rear Wheel Horsepower Increase
  • Approx 10 ft-lbs. Rear Wheel Torque Increase
  • 100% Steel construction
  • Lighter than the stock balancer
  • Integral timing marks and puller-mounting threads
  • SFI approved

Kit Includes:

  • Powerbond harmonic balancer
  • 2 New drive belts
  • Option upgrade to ARP balancer bolt

Product Description:

Under-driving the accessory pulleys to reduce parasitic power losses from the alternator, air conditioning, water pump and power steering at high engine RPMs. A smaller, lighter harmonic balancer is like a lightweight flywheel and can sharpen throttle response and allow the engine to rev out faster.

Unlike cheap Asian sourced OEM replacement balancers that use weak grey iron castings that are prone to cracking, all Powerbond OEM balancers feature strong SG Iron cast hubs for maximum strength.

Virtually all OEM replacement balancers use press inserted dampening rubber which is prone to spinning and dislocation in hi torque and serpentine belt applications. The bonded dampening rubber is where Powerbond OEM balancers sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. In push apart and torque tests the Powerbond OEM design has up to 4 times the strength of inserted balancers.

To ensure smooth operation all Powerbond OEM replacement balancers are dynamically balanced at the factory.

Vehicle Application Guide:

  • Suitable for all VE Commodores inc’ HSV
  • Images are for illustration purposes only

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