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VF Series II 385kW LS3 upgrade

HSV GTSR power upgrade

Holden VH SL/E V8 turbo

Commodore SL/E turbo

Australia’s quickest Holden Street VE Commodore

1000hp Chevy Biscayne

First start up

George’s GTS all done, fitted with a full 3” exhaust / head & cam package (C&A LSA spec camshaft ) / top boost pulley / bottom overdrive balancer / FI spacer plates. Making 510.2 R.W.K.W #vf #lsa #gts #boost #forcedinduction #forcedinductioninterchillers #compcams

Jag’s VF LS3 Clubsport all done Fitted with one of our turbo packages using a Borg Warner 76mm turbo Making 495.6 R.W.K.W on pump 98 fuel

Dom’s VX all done Fitted with a C&A built LS1 / turbo package with a Garrett GTX45 / fuel system upgrade Making 503 R.W.K.W on 16 PSI & pump 98 fuel

Toby’s VE back in for its full tune with one of our 403 stroker / turbo packages and making good power. 652.6 R.W.K.W on 16PSI

8-second LSX street Holden VE | G8PSI

VF Senator “WYLDVF” getting its base tune done Fitted with a C&A built 403ci stroker (cast block) turbo package with a Garrett GTX45 / T400 auto with transbrake / fuel system upgrade. Making 605 R.W.K.W on a lazy 14 PSI and it’s just the base tune @ 5500rpm Will be going to 20psi in the coming weeks

Another one all done with one of our turbo packages. Making 480 R.W.K.W on 8 PSI / pump 98 fuel

Sal’s VF GTS LSA all done Fitted with our head & cam package / Difilippo exhaust system / top & bottom boost package / ported blower & intake housing / Forced Induction Interchillers race kit. Making a strong 515.8 R.W.K.W on 14 PSI

A bit of action of John’s C&A built G8PSI at Calder Park last Friday running 8.5 @ 170MPH Making this the fastest street driven VE in the country

Here is a little video of Loui’s VF GTS Mods: full Difilippo 3″ exhaust / head & cam package / top & bottom boost pulley / injectors / intake 490.4 R.W.K.W and 996 NM flywheel torque

Good way to finish off the week. G8PSI making 1065R.W.H.P on 20.5PSI and through a T400 auto… with a lot more to come.

All up and running and sounding angry… #LSX427 #GARRETT #GTX55 #TURBOSMART

Aaron’s VF II LS3 all done. Fitted with Higgins CNC ported heads / C&A spec turbo cam package / C&A black series turbo kit. Making 513.4 R.W.K.W on 10PSI & pump 98 fuel

500rwkW VF Turbo Upgrade

HSV Maloo GTS Power Upgrade

500rwkW HSV Boost Upgrade

1100hp daily driven Holden VF

Holden VF SS-V runs 9s [VFPSI]

Turbo VF punishes the dyno @ Cruise for Chairty

Holden VF turbo smokes up! [VFPSI]

HSV GenF GTS power upgrade

Australia’s first Magnuson Heartbeat blown V8 Holden VF SS-V!

VF II fitted with our stealth cam & Magnuson Heartbeat blower package

VF GTS fitted with our head/cam & boost package – 489.6 R.W.K.W on 14PSI

Cammed up LSA GTS ready for the dyno

VF GTS (auto) fitted with a Difilippo 2-1/2′ cat back exhaust / side air box / top boost pulley & tune package – 392.6 R.W.K.W

LS1 Ute fitted with a mid mount twin turbo kit – 473.6 R.W.K.W

LSA powered VE Maloo

LSA powered Torana fitted with a custom 1-7/8′ extractors / 3″ exhaust system / cam & boost pulley package

VE Maloo 427ci N/A stroker ready to put some km’s on it before some full throttle action

Cammed VE – 325 R.W.K.W

VF Clubsport (auto) with our turbo kit – 417.R.W.K.W on only 9PSI. Running a very safe/soft tune, safe for every day driving

VE Maloo fitted with a cam & magnuson heartbeat blower package – 481.6 R.W.K.W

VH SLE fitted with a LS2 engine / small cam package / T400 auto and one of our custom “black series” turbo kits with a Precision 68/70 turbo – 443 R.W.K.W on 10PSI

VE GTS (auto) fitted with our stealth cam package ( no stall converter required ) / Difilippo 2-1/2′ exhaust system / Magnuson Heartbeat blower – 416.8 R.W.K.W on 8PSI

VH making 667.2 R.W.K.W / 894 R.W.H.P

VF GTS fitted with a full Difilippo 2-1/2’exhaust system, our electric bi-modal valves, a top boost pulley package / side air box & custom dyno tune – 391R.W.K.W

Magnuson blown VE making 412.3 R.W.K.W on 10PSI

VE LS3 Maloo fitted with a camshaft package and our custom black series turbo kit – 492.6 R.W.K.W

VZ SS #WRNYOU doing what it was built to do @ AspoNats

VE fitted with our custom turbo kit. Using our 4 into 1 manifold / std’ bottom end / head & cam package / Garrett GT4202R / Fuel system upgrade / E85 / 11.5 PSI = 543.7 R.W.K.W

VF fitted with our turbo kit, using 4 into 1 turbo manifolds & a Garrett GT42 turbo on 10 PSI. – 507.3 R.W.K.W on pump 98 fuel

VZ Maloo LS2 from NSW for one of our turbo kits. Garrett GT40 and 220’s camshaft & 9 PSI of boost